Multi-disciplinary System Simulation

Altair Activate is an open and flexible integration platform for comprehensive system-of-systems simulation. Based on a hybrid block diagram modeling environment for signal blocks, object oriented physical components, and electric and electronics systems, Altair Activate allows multiphysics analysis throughout the development cycle.

The comprehensive support of math modeling, scripting and modeling languages, facilitate the re-use and integration of existing code within the same model. Multilevel modeling, using models of adjustable complexity, tool-independent Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard, or co-simulation with Altair® MotionSolve® and Altair® Flux™ facilitates multibody dynamics analysis for electromechanics sensors and actuator design.

Altair Activate empowers the collaboration and closes the links between multi-disciplinary engineering that are often isolated in development silos.

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Why Activate?

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Holistic Assessment

Simulate the performance of your entire product, including as a system-of-systems, to better assess overall behavior as well as interactions between components and subsystems.

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Better Insight, Faster

Gain an increased understanding of your product’s performance by incorporating multidisciplinary aspects in your system simulations, including coupling 1D and 3D models.

Open and Flexible

Powerful built-in functionality is further extended by the use of open standards such as Modelica and functional mockup units (FMU). Altair Activate complements and works well with Altair’s broad suite of software.

Key Features

1D System Simulation

Simulating at the system-level enables performance assessment of the complete product rather than only of a portion of the product.

Block Diagrams, Control System Design

Isotropic, Elasto-plastic, Orthotropic, Rigid parts and liquid bodies

Mix Signal-based and Physical Modeling in Same Diagram

Bonded, sliding and separating with friction, bolts, virtual connectors, welds (spot, laser, and fillet), rivets, adhesives, joints, and bushing

Much Faster than 3D Simulations


Relying on greater levels of model abstraction enables more product-performance insight earlier (i.e., nearer the concept design stage) and rapid design exploration.

Connections to Other Altair Tools

Enables true multi-disciplinary system simulation via co-simulation with MotionSolve® for controlled multi-body dynamics, with Flux for controlled motor dynamics models, etc.

Support for Functional Mockup Interface (FMI)

Including FMU enables model exchange or co-simulation connections to non-Altair tools which also support the FMI standard.