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Cad Cast

3D Design

An in-house team of expert 3D designers

Cad Cast specialises in Jewelry Design and can handle your complex CAD tasks with its team of experienced designers.

We provide design services using the following software:

Cad-Cast-Services-Matrix 9.0 Logo

3D Modeling

We can convert your 2D sketches and drawings into fully defined 3 Dimensional computer models

  • Using industry leading, professional grade software

  • Once created, these 3D models can be modified at will

  • Turned into photorealistic renders and 3D printed as prototypes

  • Or wax patterns for direct casting into metal.


3D Rendering

See your final product before it is even produced.

Cad Cast can provide realistic renderings allowing you to:

  • Test different materials before the production stage.

  • Create professional grade marketing material.

  • Generate complete catalogs without having to produce a single item.

For more information 

Please contact through our Line Official: @cadcastbkk


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