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Dual-station Mini Stereoscopic

Wax Model Inlaid Stone Robot

Dual-station Mini Stereoscopic.png
  • Can meet the inlaid processing of wax molds of jewelry, gold, silver and brass on a 3D curved wax inlay process.

  • Have a strength of making molds quickly. Silicon putty which can be quickly molded; the cement is durable and not easy to be deformed;

  • Achieve fast batch production;

  • Two operating position. Device can replace 4-8 people, speed up to 10000-15000 CPH

  • Stone heating function, improves the pass rate and reduces the dropping stones rate.

  • Five-axis flexible linage --accessing to stereoscopic/ cambered / planar wax model process.

  • Self-developed system-- guaranteeing permanent system upgrade.

  • Processing on double stations, continuous loading, circle machining, achieve higher efficiency

Product Specification

Dual-station mini.png
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